History of KnK Moments & Flowers

We started as planning and coordinating company. With the passion of making every detail perfect for the couple one major detail we check is the Bride's Bouquet and the flowers for the entourage.  As our company practice,  " WE INSTILL MALASAKIT IN OUR SERVICE".  My wife’s very keen to arrangement so we always ended up fixing the flower arrangement without the couple noticing.  

We then finally decided to make our own flower arrangement company.  Making sure that the Bride's bouquet is perfect for the Bride as well as the flowers for the entourage would compliment to their gowns. From there, the services evolve to church and reception arrangements.  We always aim to help clients have their wedding fully dressed up in a very reasonable amount. We do designs that is inspired by their personalities or theme.

Together with the flower arrangement, Perfume Making, Led Frame Rental Services and Photobooth, the company with a name KnK was born.  The name came from our Kheana our eldest and Khenzo our youngest. The small n stands for Nelia, my mother-in-law, who takes care of our children and who always inspire us by making coffee and breakfast everytime we make flowers in the early hours.

Truly this company is labor of love. Which we extend to our couples.